6D 9161

This program is presented by Leah Haraden.

In this stripped down basic headshot lighting class, you will learn how to be creative using just one external light source. 

Keeping things simple, is a great way to learn lighting. The more confident you are in yourself and your skills, the better you will be able to set your subject at ease. Participants should bring their DSLR camera and a portrait lens (at least 50mm or longer) I will have some lighting and triggering equipment with me for those that need it. I hope that I will have two or more (one male, one female) volunteers for the demonstration piece of my presentation. After that, you will be invited to practice on yourself and other club members using my tips and instructions. You may go home with a new headshot of yourself or some to add to your portfolio.

Feb 5th is our nature competition.The top ten images from this competition go to the Glennie Competition. This year we will set aside some time at the beginning of the evening to help those who are unsure about which of several of their images are the best to submit for the competition. This will be done off to one side, not in front of the rest of the members. Hopefully this will being in more images to the competition.

As always the meeting starts at 7 PM with a chat time to get aquainted at 6:30 PM.  We are meeting at Viles Arboretum, 153 Hospital Street, Augusta.

The main toopic of this presentation is to explain the rules involved in a Nature Photography Competition such as the George Glennie Competition sponsored by the Merrimack Valley Camera Club.  We will address questions such as define "nature photo", editing, image size, number of images per member and so on.  We hope to have examples of the top entries from last year to use as examples.

This should be entertaining as well as informative in the process of entering a competition of national / world wide scale.

We will meet at Viles Arboretum 153 Hospital Street, Augusta from 7Pm till 9PM. As always the door open at 6:30 for a half hour informal chat before the meeting starts.

Odie 2The January 29th meeting will be held at the Renaissance Gallery (next to Dunkin Donuts) on Main Street in Farmingdale.  We will have a professional explaination on mounting, matting and framing your printed photographs.

This should be of interest to long time photographers as well as novices.  There are a lot of techncal but straight forward tips and techniques involved in this process. This will have something of interest for all.

I hope to see you there for this interesting presentation.

The meeting starts at 7 PM

We have survived another hectic holiday season of crowded stores and arranging schedules to be together with family and friends. Now we settle back to the quiet inconvenient routine of winter. Well it is Maine you have to expect the cold and snow.

 The meeting schedule for January has a slight twist so be aware. The first meeting in January is not January 1st. We will meet January 8th at Renaissance Gallery in Farmingdale for a program on mounting and framing your prints. For those who do not know where Renaissance Gallery is the address is on Main Ave Farmingdale next to Dunkin Donuts. (If you have a folding chair please bring it.)