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Steve Dunn

It is with heavy heart that I have to announce the passing of Steve Dunn on August 15th 2019. Steve was a founding member of the Capital Area Camera Club and the Maine Photography Show. Steve was actively involved in many art related activities including the All Maine Photo Competitions of the past, and acted as a sort of coordinator with the Portland Camera Club, the First Light Camera Club (Brunswick) and the Capital Area Camera Club.

Steve was always active in gently guiding the direction of the group to help advance the knowledge of the members. He was one of the founders of the “Core Group” within the Capital Area Camera Club to help and advance projects that the members were working on. He was always helping members with questions about photography either in the area of hardware or more importantly the creative aspects of making a photograph.

Steve would go to great lengths to bring in guest speakers for either workshops or as guest speakers for the club. He would also encourage members of other clubs to join in the workshops to help advance their knowledge and skills in photography.

Steve will be greatly missed by all who had come in contact with him. His calm and gentle demeanor and gentle encouragement to everyone he came in contact with was always present.

We will be accepting contributions to be donated to his favorite charity, Monhegan Associates (monheganassociates.org) where proceeds go to help maintain and preserve the natural beauty of the Monhegan Island.