6D 9161

We had announced that Jan 3rd was going to be a chance to break out into focus groups and asked for suggestions.  We recieved several suggestions including Panoramic Photography, Lighting Modifiers, Patterns and Falloff, Printing, and Lightroom, Video equipment and setup.  Leah sent out a call for volunteers to lead the focus groups.I think that this is a very good mix and I really appreciate all the help from Norm Rodrique, Linwood Riggs, Tim True, Gary Smith and Ken Jones. Without their help this would not be possible! If anyone else would like to share their knowledge or experience with the club, please contact me ASAP. We could use one or two more topics!

We will be focusing on a variety of interesting topics. We have done this in past years, but this time it will be set up a little differently. Since our move to Kaplan, tthe space doesn’t allow a way to divide up into small groups away from the rest of the membership, so we will be running the presentations one after one another. The good news is that you will be able to attend each presentation and you won’t miss a thing! 

 In order to provide each topic to be presented as scheduled, we will have to maintain a strict timeline. Each presenter will have 25 minutes to present their material including Q&A. Thank you in advance for your participation and cooperation.

Here is the lineup for the club focus groups.

1. Lighting Topics - Ken Jones & Leah Haraden
2. Panoramic Photography - Gary Smith
3. Printing in Lightroom - Tim True
4. Video Equipment & Setup - Norm Rodrique

See you there.