6D 9161

On August 1st, a few fellow members of your club, CACC met at Panera bread in Augusta to discuss the upcoming 2016-2017 programming season. We made excellent progress in designing a season packed with variety and new ideas. This is only the outline and may be subject to change. Some of the planned programs will not take up the entire two hours, so we will be adding some other content to fill the time slots. Some of the suggestions were to have some basic digital photography instruction for newer members. We will be looking for speakers on the topics we have listed (TBA), but at least we have something to work from to stimulate ideas and creativity with our program.

The web site has begun it's new construction. Over the next few weeks or months the web site will be adding features and filling the holes left from the migration from the old site to a "more modern" and more secure (I hope) web site for your pleasure.

Enjoy the ride.