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jim nickelson

JIM NICKELSON of Nickelson Editions, Camden, Maine: FINE ART PRINTING on Tuesday, October 3rd at CACC 7PM. Don't miss it!!!

From Jim’s studio in Camden, Maine, He prepares and prints fine art photographic prints or limited edition reproductions of paintings or other artwork on a vast selection of papers.
By handcrafting each print, Jim can provide digital fine art prints to satisfy any criteria. His new book, Fine Art Inkjet Printing: The Craft and Art of the Fine Digital Print, was published by Rocky Nook in June 2017. Jim teaches a variety of digital printing courses through Maine Media Workshops, and he is also available for personalized one-on-one or small group workshops on digital printing or imaging.
Please contact Jim, if you are interested in purchasing a signed copy, and regular printed books and e-books are available from Rocky Nook and the normal online retailers.

Jim will speak on the "Fine Art Of Inkjet Printing"

September 5th, the day after Labor Day will be our first meeting of the year.  This is as usual an opportunity to show off what you have photographed during the summer.  Bring in a thumb drive with a sample of your summer images, a half dozen to a dozen would be nice.

The Program Committee is planning for a wide variety of informative and interesting programs this year.

Remember we now meet at Viles Arboretum. I hope we can fill the room right from the start of the year.

Memberships will be accepted starting with this meeting.

The wandering Gypsys have a new home.

We will be meeting at the Viles Arboretum at 153 Hospital street for the 2017-2018 season. It was a very hard choice between the Arboretum and the Harlow Gallery.  The Site Committee and I came to the conclusion that there was more room at the Arboretum and the parking situation was better there as well.

I would like to thank the Site Committee for their work on researching this and presenting the facts and opinions of each site to help come to a final decision. Cecil and Steve were able to do the legwork in negotiating with the different potential sites and presenting their findings for review.  Cecil, Steve, Enigmah, and I came to the same conclusion that the Arboretum best fit our needs.  The cost would have been $500.00 per year for the Harlow and $540 for the Arboretum.  We felt that the difference in cost was made up by the fact that the room was larger and the parking situation was more stable in favor of the Arboretum.

This means we need to increase membership to help cover the added costs.  So those of you who have not been active in the past years now is the time to step up and rejoin the club and be active in our little community again.  The program committee is actively working on making a very interesting and educational series of programs for this year.

With all of that said I hope to see you Sept. 5th.

Images from the summer field trips are now available under the "Images" menu item. Unfortunately I have had so busy a summer that we have had little time to schedule more.  Enjoy the images that we have posted


Look for the "Viles Arboretum" and "Vaughan's Woods" catagories listed in the drop down menu.

Well this year has been something else from snow storms almost every meeting night all winter to some of the best guest presentations we've had in some time is has been an exciting. The meeting this Tuesday ends our season.  We will celebrate with our annual closing party.
We will have 4 large pizza's and some soft drinks but you are invited to bring some other "finger" food to share.

We also need a new secretary and vice  president. Also we need to reaffirm the officials who wish to keep their positions.

For entertainment we will have a presentation of our "seasons of Maine" project. Also a break out session for some last minute questions and answers before the summer season.

I hope to see you Tuesday at Buker Community Center, Armory Street, Augusta.