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Tuesday night, I will be demonstrating a new light painting technique to all the members. It is called “Spirographs” and is named after the child’s toy. Some of you may remember getting one for Christmas. The adapted light painting version for photography, can be done very simply, but with amazing results. If you think you’d like to participate, please bring your camera and a wide-angle lens. It can be a short zoom lens too with a wider range. Anything less than 50mm would be perfect. See you soon.

This meeting we are going to delve into the Dark Magic of printing images especially in Lightroom. There is nothing like holding a print in your hands of an image you have taken. 

We had announced that Jan 3rd was going to be a chance to break out into focus groups and asked for suggestions.  We recieved several suggestions including Panoramic Photography, Lighting Modifiers, Patterns and Falloff, Printing, and Lightroom, Video equipment and setup.  Leah sent out a call for volunteers to lead the focus groups.I think that this is a very good mix and I really appreciate all the help from Norm Rodrique, Linwood Riggs, Tim True, Gary Smith and Ken Jones. Without their help this would not be possible! If anyone else would like to share their knowledge or experience with the club, please contact me ASAP. We could use one or two more topics!


canceled 1

Depending on the weather we may have a guest speaker.  The meeting has been canceled due to bad weather.  It is not so much the snow as the Ice and freezing rain that is coming during the evening.

See you on Feb. 21st.

This is our holiday season party.  Members are encouraged to bring "finger food" or soft drinks for this meeting.

It will be an open discussion meeting so if you have any photography questions perhaps you might get them answered at this meeting.