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On August 1st, a few fellow members of your club, CACC met at Panera bread in Augusta to discuss the upcoming 2016-2017 programming season. We made excellent progress in designing a season packed with variety and new ideas. This is only the outline and may be subject to change. Some of the planned programs will not take up the entire two hours, so we will be adding some other content to fill the time slots. Some of the suggestions were to have some basic digital photography instruction for newer members. We will be looking for speakers on the topics we have listed (TBA), but at least we have something to work from to stimulate ideas and creativity with our program.


As you know, Wendy Bayles has accepted the challenge again of creating our monthly newsletter. I will be working with Wendy on developing some new “content” for our Facebook page and website. Stay “tuned” for more information! It’s very exciting, but we can’t share it right now!

There will be another meeting of the program committee on August 23rd at 5:30PM at Panera Bread in Augusta. We will be discussing the Facebook page, website and other ways we can promote our club to gain more exposure and draw new members.

September 6th - “What did you do last summer?” Please bring in 10 photos (JPEGs) taken from May 2016-September 2016, sized to 1024 X 768.


September 20th - TBA ? Landscapes
October 4th - Open House with Public Announcement and Promotion (we will be discussing at August 23rd meeting)
October 18th - Slideshow “Spring”
November 1st - TBA
November 15th - TBA ? "Self-Publishing in Lightroom”
December 6th - "DSLR Video”
December 20th - Christmas Party
January 3rd - Breakout Sessions
January 17th - Glennie Judging
February 7th - TBA ? “Compositing in Photoshop”
February 21st - TBA ? "Sport Photography”
March 7th - My "Trip to Ireland” or another topic, Leah Haraden
April 4th - TBA
April 18 - TBA
May 2nd - TBA ? “Quad Copters”
May 16th - Party

Well that’s it for now, Leah Haraden