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The flowe6D 15608ring trees in the Arboretum are in full bloom.  The "Rock Garden" is staring to show some activity.  With the Memorial day weekend next week perhaps we should plan on having our "field trip" June 2nd. Meet at 9AM at Viles Arboretum for a walk through the Hostra path to the "Rock Garden" and on for a walk through the woods.

Bring your camera and maybe a tripod and plenty of insect repellant.

This will give you a chance to photograph flowers and practice your macro photography.

Public welcome.

The meeting May 15th is the last meeting of the year.  So before we all run off for the summer we will have an end of season send off.  There will be several pizza's and a couple of bottles of soda and water.  Also paper plates, cups and tableware will be provided.  If you would like to bring in some "finger food" it would be appreciated.

This is the meeting to bring your assignment images taken "from out side your comfort zone".

And election of officers for next year.  If you don't attend to defend yourself you might be elected to an office.

  A Day at the Beach
 Enigmah Archer Hirsch‎ is giving the presentation on "Seeing in a different light", Infared photogrsphy.  See what the world looks like just outside of our normal visual spectrum. Learn about the hardware invloved and some techniques used to achive beautiful "IR" photographs.

 Infared Resource click here

Marketing your photography with Ann and Bob Hutchins.
You can get more information about them on their Web site mainmadephotos.com

Tonight Leah Haraden will present the new Light Room CC.  The Light Room CC is a subscription based software application.  This also requires an internet connection regularly at some point.  See what is new from Adobe.